We are pleased to announce the successful acquisition of the Institute of Experimental Dermatology DermaTronnier to Eurofins, an international holding company in the field of analytical laboratories.

starkpartners was exclusively mandated by the shareholders to acquire a suitable strategic partner / investor for the takeover of the business shares and to accompany the transaction. In addition to securing the succession of the company, the shareholders focused on the further international growth of the company.

The starkpartners-team around the project manager Mr. Ramadani, put their full commitment and heart and soul into securing the scientific legacy of the DermaTronnier Institute.

Our great respect is due to all employees of the Institute, who felt obliged in all that time to honor and continue the life’s work of Prof. Dr. Hagen Tronnier. They have undoubtedly succeeded in doing so! We are honored to have been able to accompany them in this endeavor.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their support in the project and wish the teams all the best for the future!


As an international and independent contract research institute, DermaTronnier has been offering its customers full-service services in the field of dermatological tests and examinations for more than 30 years. With the help of innovative technology and modern technical processes, the influence of hygiene and care products as well as food supplements on human skin is examined.

Eurofins Scientific SE

The Eurofins Group offers bioanalytical services worldwide, especially in the areas of food and feed, pharmaceuticals and the environment. The company is the world market leader in food analysis and the European market leader in environmental analysis.