Interim Management


and procedures in restructuring

starkpartners stands for a holistic analysis of the company according to the standards of auditors.

If a company finds itself in a crisis situation, consistent action is required. What is needed is not a restructuring plan to overcome the crisis, but also a communication instrument that summarizes the situation of the company at a glance – the restructuring concept. In particular, the company’s stakeholders – above all the equity and debt capital providers – want to know which restructuring measures can be used to return the company to profitability and how much capital is required for this. In addition, extensive legal regulations must be observed during a corporate crisis in order to reduce liability risks.

Redevelopment concepts and redevelopment expertises according to IDW S6 / BGH are prepared for different occasions. These include among others:

  • Basis of a financing decision for equity and debt capital providers in a crisis
  • Relief for creditors who agree to an instalment payment agreement in a company crisis
  • Discharge of management or executive board in connection with criminal (e.g. §§ 283 ff. StGB) or civil liability aspects (§ 64 GmbHG)
  • as security for the privilege of reorganization pursuant to section 39 (4) InsO
  • as a basis for negotiations with stakeholders
  • as a basis for the granting of public aid


Our services

  • Support in the preparation of a reorganization concept in accordance with the requirements of the highest court jurisdiction (BGH)
  • Confirmation of the ability to reorganize from the perspective of an objective third party
  • starkpartners will show you further restructuring options in the event of failure of the targeted restructuring path, for example, if the investors do not provide support


Your benefit and advantage


  • In-depth expertise in the preparation of restructuring concepts
  • Creation of transparency for sound decision-making
  • Comprehensive support on the way to recovery
  • worldwide PE network for capital procurement in special situations


Distressed M&A


When economic or financial reasons force a decision to sell or create buying opportunities, a high degree of prudence, consistency and speed is required in the processing of the corresponding transaction. The M&A specialists at starkpartners have the knowledge and experience to provide companies, banks, investors and administrators with the best possible support in special and crisis situations – on both the seller and buyer side. In challenging restructuring and insolvency cases, our combined know-how in corporate restructuring and corporate finance creates sustainable added value. Our extensive track record underlines the trust that insolvency administrators, trustees, institutional creditors, financial investors, banks and other companies place in starkpartners.

starkpartners – Expertise in distressed M&A projects:

  • International reference base in both the mid-market and the corporate environment
  • Experience in restructuring (out-of-court) and insolvency cases (in-court)
    In-depth industry expertise
  • Interlocking of Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Finance
  • Extensive and international network of contacts to decision-makers at potential buyers


Restructuring and reorganization

The right strategy for success

Our experience shows that financiers, works councils and unions as well as other creditors often support an out-of-court restructuring if it is made clear to them that the company will not be able to survive otherwise. In order to achieve the reorganisation goal for your company, it can be useful to draw up a judicial reorganisation plan and make it clear to the parties involved that this will be implemented if no out-of-court settlement is reached in the short term.

Often, this way similar restructuring effects can be achieved for the company as in court proceedings. starkpartners will help you to develop a strategy for negotiations with creditors and to implement it afterwards.


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