Especially in times of specific situations, new growth opportunities are needed. Organic growth has to be profitable and requires careful planning and preparation as well as the subsequent sustainable implementation.

The growth targets must be clearly and unambiguously defined. Furthermore, the existing implementation competence must be available within the company – here we can provide support with our team. The management team should promote the growth targets in a coordinated manner and support the stakeholders. In addition, a portion of courage is needed to further promote the culture of innovation and thus also to develop new products / services for new markets and to market them accordingly.

Analysis and implementation of your growth strategy 


– How can new and profitable revenue sources be developed?

– How can changing business models be adapted and made usable for the own     customer base?

– How can new markets and customer segments be developed in a short time?

– How can innovative products and services lead to new revenue potentials that    are subsequently marketed profitably?

– How can new customers be acquired and customer loyalty increased?

Lars Stark
Director Corporate Finance / M&A


Alexander Kahle


Lioba Steins
Project management