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Even before applying for insolvency, we offer you detailed advice on possible solutions. The primary goal is to define the stage of crisis your company is in and whether you are already obliged to file for insolvency. According to the Insolvency Ordinance, a distinction is made between three reasons for filing for insolvency. We analyze which case your company is facing and which approach can bring about a satisfactory, quick solution.

In case of insolvency according to § 17 InsO, or over-indebtedness according to § 19 InsO, your company is obliged to file for insolvency. We will plan the procedure together with you and will be happy to advise you even before the application is made.

If there is an imminent insolvency according to § 18 InsO, you have the right to apply for insolvency. Together with you, we will examine the possibility of restructuring and discuss whether filing for insolvency can be prevented.

In case of a company restructuring before the above mentioned cases occur, there is neither a right nor an obligation to file for insolvency.  We will be happy to assist you in this case as well and develop an optimal, individually tailored solution for your company and the concrete steps to achieve it.

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