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In order to be able to guarantee a successful completion of the insolvency process, a transparent insolvency controlling is indispensable. This includes, among other things, liquidity planning in line with insolvency requirements, which, together with meaningful company reporting, is a prerequisite for identifying the potential for the continuation of the company. In order to identify the long-term and sustainable success of the company as well as to define opportunities and risks, corporate planning and the contribution margin calculation are prepared or reviewed and adjusted.

starkpartners carries out all steps of insolvency controlling and is always in close communication with the extended circle of addressees. We include existing corporate controlling in our insolvency-specific planning processes and document all results and changes. In addition, we prepare a detailed profitability analysis based on existing data and an analysis of the business environment. For us, the rapid implementation of a reporting system tailored to the needs of the insolvency administration has top priority.

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