Basis for successful procedures

In most cases, your bank will request a restructuring report. This serves primarily to assess the viability of your company, with a focus on profitability and competitiveness. The reorganization report is the basis for the decision on the granting of loans for your company in the crisis. If you cannot present it, you will be denied loans. We, starkpartners, have many years of experience in the restructuring of companies and are happy to assist you in this important step. We would be happy to prepare a restructuring report for you that complies with the de, IDSW-S6 standard.

The IDW-S6 standard was created by the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer e.V. (Institute of Auditors) and covers all relevant aspects that can be included in the valuation by financiers and auditors and evaluated according to a uniform standard.  First of all, the essential company data is presented and economic influencing factors as well as interdependencies are analyzed. A central component of this analysis is the identification and evaluation of possible solutions for the identified factors. Their effectiveness and feasibility are the most important evaluation aspects.  The essential contents also include the:

  • Analysis of the crisis stage and the cause of the imbalance
  • Examination of a risk of insolvency and analysis of the measures that can be taken or have already been taken to avoid insolvency
  • Description of the adjusted business model and mission statement of the restructured company
  • Preparation of a business plan and a summary assessment of the ability to restructure
  • Time feasibility of the measures worked out

If the evaluation shows a high probability of problem-free financing during the restructuring period, an independent restoration of your competitiveness and a return on investment in the medium term that is customary in the industry, as well as a foreseeable increase in attractiveness for investors, then your company is considered capable of being restructured.

Frank Jäger
Senior Expert Partner

Dr. Maren Schweizer
Senior Expert Partner