Interim Management



In a crisis it is important to know which specialized emergency rescuers, consultants and helpers are available at short notice to eliminate damage or risks and to initiate measures for recovery. We therefore recommend that you deal with the topic of restructuring and reorganisation prophylactically and with foresight, so that you can react immediately and in a targeted manner in the event of an emergency. 

Our TASK FORCE experts provide support in the following areas:

  • Takeover of emergency management
  • Object protection of movable assets
  • Preparation of expert opinions on real estate (special assets) 
  • Property management and administration 

Short-term securing of movable fixed assets, immediate clearance of real estate and immediate return of leased objects or third-party property is part of our daily routine.  

Furthermore, we stand for a highly competent analysis team of trained data forensic experts with business management orientation. With our international networks, we also provide support for “lost assets” and organize and manage international security measures.   



on behalf of insolvency administrators

Transparency in controlling is essential for your restructuring process. With our tools, which are specially tailored to your company, you can keep an overview of your liquidity at all times – up to date if desired.

With our help, your financial communication will reach a new level of quality. In the future, you will be able to provide clear arguments on a financial, business and merchandise management level with monthly updates.



Trust due to transparency

For a successful renovation you need above all trust: Your creditors, employees, customers etc. If desired, we can relieve you of the burden of targeted communication, especially in extreme situations, by taking over interim management positions.



with competence and experience

In a wide variety of proceedings, many renowned insolvency administrators rely on the special expertise of the experts at starkpartners. Our own four-member team from the specialist area of property and property management takes care of all procedures relating to properties in special situations from A to Z. The team of the real estate department offers a comprehensive service from the evaluation according to continuation, market and break-up values in the firesale to the clearance of the properties.



Replacement of transferred assets 

In many proceedings, the insolvency administrators fall back on the special skills of our network partners. Under our supervision we coordinate the contractually bound experts from various disciplines who are trained for special situations. We would be pleased to inform you about the possibilities in a personal meeting. 


Our Specialists

Thorsten Stark

Thorsten Stark
Senior Partner

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Frank Jäger
Senior Expert / Partner

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David Kremer

David Kremer
Senior Expert / Partner

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