Nga Bui

Consultant Corporate Finance

Nga Bui has been supporting the Corporate Finance department at starkpartners since April 2024. She is involved in the communication and presentation of the management consultancy, which ranges from research to the presentation of the online presence. Thanks to her studies in communication and media science, Ms Bui understands how to use active marketing in all channels to address customers in a targeted manner and convey messages professionally. In addition to providing comprehensive support to the project teams, she is also responsible for database optimisation and maintenance, as well as the independent preparation and management of client reports. With her versatile skills, Ms Bui is a valuable addition to the starkpartners team – and for the effective realisation of your corporate goals.

Communication and Media Studies

Market Research

Customer Care

CRM / Project Management

Master of Arts in Literature and Media, Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg

Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University Bonn

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