The experts of our subsidiary, DYNAMIC Solutions GmbH, are a nationwide acting team of experts in the field of IT Forensics. With the professional localization, securing, analysis and evaluation of digital data and traces, we support courts, public prosecutors, law firms and companies in solving crimes and securing evidence on site. For this purpose, we offer the complete range of IT forensics services.

In the area of data recovery DYNAMIC Solutions has been working successfully for companies and authorities for years. And in more than 85 % of all cases data which have been lost due to logical or physical errors can be recovered. Thereby we rescue all kinds of digital data from different data carriers – among others from hard disks, USB storage devices, memory cards or optical media. 


All our IT forensic expertises are court-proof. This means that they are regarded as usable evidence in court and are an important aid in establishing the truth in legal proceedings. The expert opinions are prepared by our highly qualified experts and IT forensics specialists who have many years of experience. Our experts are absolutely objective, impartial and free of instructions when preparing the individual expert opinions.



For internal investigations in companies, we take over the complete backup of all types of data storage on site – that is, we identify the relevant data sources, make the selection of the data to be backed up and take over the execution of the forensic data backup as well as the provision of the data for forensic analysis.

Thorsten Stark
Senior Partner


Dmitri Rudi