We know these special situations from numerous distressed M&A mandates. We gladly accept the challenge, even in this unusual and very critical phase of your company

In close cooperation with the existing shareholders and the insolvency administrators or trustees, we usually succeed in selling individual parts of the company or entire companies even under the greatest time pressure, thus enabling the continuation of the business. Our structured and certified M&A process helps us to market your valuable assets. Furthermore, we support investment companies in the sale of low-yield portfolio companies.

We support with

  • Disposal / sale out of insolvency for trustee/insolvency administrators
  • Disposal / sale in restructuring / situations of upheaval and crisis
  • Acquisition / purchase of companies from insolvency / self-administration / special situations

Why are we your ideal partner?


We know the challenges in such M&A processes and know how to master them. The short and finite timeline does not allow for mistakes and delays. Only if we find an investor very promptly, liquidity can be secured and customer and supplier relationships can be maintained. The short-term management of liquidity as well as a resilient business planning are essential for the successful process. Our experienced consultants support you in preparing the necessary documents, point out possible opportunities and risks and thus enable you to achieve optimal results within the shortest possible time.



Our distressed M&A team, flanked by colleagues with restructuring experience, has the experience to successfully complete even such challenging projects through numerous mandates. A high degree of transaction security and maximization of the transaction value generates significant added value for all stakeholders. A detailed company analysis and valuation show realistic continuation scenarios, so that sustainable growth can be achieved by the new investor. Know-how in insolvency law allows us to offer secure and feasible transaction solutions. Through our restructuring team, we can contribute our operational restructuring expertise to PMI.



The team has extensive experience and appropriate university education in the core industries:

  • Automotive, OEM, Tier 1 2 3 +
  • Machine and plant construction, special machine construction, tool construction 
  • Control and electrical engineering, measurement and control technology
  • Telecommunications, IT system house, software service, data center
  • Foundries: steel, iron, aluminum, non-ferrous metals + die casting
  • Architecture offices and project developers 






Our Specialists

Thorsten Stark

Thorsten Stark
Senior Partner

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Frank Jäger
Senior Expert / Partner

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David Kremer

David Kremer
Senior Expert / Partner

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