Our competencies

Value retention

Repairs are initiated as if in good time, so that your property remains in the best condition

Object optimization

You can achieve an increase in value through various measures, as we proactively propose and, after consultation, are happy to implement for you constant support;

starkpartners manages accurately, acts quickly and always communicates fairly.

Our real estate managers take care of everything to do with your property management. Our real estate management has been successfully active in the Dusseldorf area for several years. In addition to invoicing and organizing repairs, we also provide up-to-date knowledge of energy-related measures to increase the value of your facility.

Community of condominium owners

Your homeowners’ association is managed by a personally responsible member of staff who, in addition to administrative matters, also takes care of the structural and technical condition of the homeowners’ association property, monitoring of the house rules, control of services and information of the advisory board.

Our property management services


  • Service charge settlements
  • Rent increase procedure
  • Dunning procedure
  • New letting
  • Rental agreements
  • Bail settlement
  • Supervision of the house rules
  • Craftsman services: Allocation, supervision and acceptance
  • Monitoring of maintenance and service contracts

Our Specialists

Thorsten Stark

Thorsten Stark
Senior Partner

24/7 Uptime